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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The rules of blogging

This morning, someone sent me the 10 commandments of blogging. I'm not sure if this was some kind of hint, but thought they were interesting enough to post on my second ever blog.

1. Listen and respond (Talk with, not talk to)

Hmmm...no one has spoken to me yet. But people, if you speak, I will listen. And maybe even respond. I'll at least consider resopnding.

2. Engage your audience (Tell your readers what you’re doing and invite them to get involved)

I thought my first blog was particularly engaging. Although from feedback I've received, it sounsd like others beg to differ.

3. Maintain the integrity of your blog (Never fake anything)

OK. I can do that. But what about deliberate omissions?

4. Demonstrate passion and authority

Well, clearly I am the authority on Amanthaville, so I think that will be fine.

5. Use lively, personal writing

See above.

6. Offer something new and unique

Amanthaville is unique and new. I'd certainly never heard of it before.

7. Stay on topic

So hows about our Socceroos? Sorry, lame joke.

8. Link often (Give credit where it’s due)

Does that mean actually create links to other sites. How do you do that?

9. Acknowledge mistakes (You’ll be making them!)

It could have been a mistake to create this blog. I only did it due to blog-envy.

10. Enjoy the conversation

Ok. That's enough for blog #2. Back to work.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

my first blog

oh oh!! my first blog. exciting stuff. will have to write more when I can think of something worthwhile to say.