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Monday, July 24, 2006

8 weeks to wisdom

Out of the blue, I have enrolled in an 8 week philosophy course. My only experience with philosophy was a semester of the subject during my psychology studies. My lecturer was a Freud hating, pro-behaviourism Nazi, so that kind of spoiled it for me. That said, I was keen to give it another go because I think I over-think things too much, and I thought that philosophy might reduce this annoying tendancy (or possibly exacerbate it...hmmm).

So, I had my first class last night and we already ahve homework. In case anyone is interested, the "homework" is as follows:

When faced with any decision / conundrum / dilemma during the week, I need to ask myself "What would a wise person do here now?"

Quite empowering, isn't it? Will let you all know whether this question transforms my life and leads me down the path of eternal happiness.


Blogger Grandiloquent Sophistry said...

I think your homework would be easier if the question were catchier, if there was some frame of indisputable reference, and if you could check your answers with a higher authority before you went to class.
Therefore I propose that the next time a conundrum pops up you just ask yourself...

"What would Wesby do?"


6:33 PM

Blogger Daniel Dasey said...

What gems from week 2 philosophy, Amantha?

4:25 PM

Blogger Hula Girl said...

A wise person would drink beer.

Strangely enough, this is also what Wesby would do. A concidence me-thinks.

1:26 AM

Blogger kittykabuki said...

Being a classic overthinker myself I am enjoying this philosophical journey upon which you have embarked.

When I am faced with a dilemma or conundrum I usually find that imagining what a wise person would do (like Deepheat Bok Choy) can sometimes make things more difficult as it can highlight another intelligent point of view which you now must consider along with your own enlightened opinion.

Personally, I often ask myself when faced with a significant dilema of some kind, what would a stupid person do? how would a person with limited simplistic psychological processing skills approach this scenario.....

I also find Indian Food to be very helpful.

6:51 PM

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